lördag 19 september 2009

The Queen of Beige

Finally, I got around to trying out my first polish out of the recent Orly Satin e-bay haul. Not too surprising, a very neutral colour now adorns my nails, 711 Orly Satin Vision. I really like the finish, it not chalky matte, but definitely not shiny. Satin is a very good description of the finish. It is sensitive to nail ridges and it is hard to avoid a streaky finish, but if you don’t look a the nails with a magnifying glass they will look great anyway. This is 3 coats over a base coat, no top coat of course.

6 kommentarer:

  1. This is so pretty! I can't wait to see more!

  2. It is really pretty! I wonder if a ridgefilling base coat would be good for this type of polish.

  3. Hi Nicole.
    when I get a decent ridgefiller I will most certainly try it. I've used Nailtek Foundation III for a while, but I didn't find that it mde my nails any stronger at all, and after I used about a third of the bottle the stuff began to act like a rigde maker, not a idge filler, so I went back to my OPI Nail Envy.
    I'm planning to try both Nubar and Zoya for base coats, do you have any suggestions?

  4. Pretty shade of beige. I've never used this.

  5. Lucy;
    It is discontinued, but I think it's worth trying if You find it in a dusty somewhere. I found a "lot" on e-bay as I showed you earlier, and if the other polishes behaves like this one, I'm a happy camper! The polish smells awful but applies beautyful!