torsdag 24 september 2009

Total Orly Fail!

So, the other day one of my nails went MIA during a specially cumbersome moment at work. Time to try out the Orly nail repair kit with powder and glue, the one so many bloggers has raised to the sky recently. I had my kit stored in my trusty Helmer, ordered from HeadToToe and ready to roll!

Talk about total fail!
I first opened the glue bottle. Somehow I got the cap but nothing else. When I looked at it I realized that the brush part was still in the bottle and the cap had separated into two parts. Well, I’m not a picky customer, so I figured I maybe could pry the brush part from the bottle and use it anyway.

Double fail!!
I managed to pry the brush part from the bottle, and what happened? Here a picture says more than a thousand words!
Yes, I got a nice stick (keep your thoughts to yourselves, ladies..;-) )
But in this case, a stick without brushes is not much use, right?

I will mail HeadToToe with a complaint and let you all know how how it turns out. My poor nail, I had to cut it down to painfully short..

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, that stinks! I hope that you can get a new one!

  2. Well Poo!
    I've had similar stuff happen to me, and its a total "........uh.......WELL CRAP" moment!
    Good luck with Head2Toe!


  3. That is so disappointing! I hope Head2Toe takes care of the situation quickly for you.

  4. Oh my goodness! That is crazy. I've had the cap thing happen to me before, but I've never seen that with the brush! :( Hopefully Head2Toe will replace that for you immediately. My bad thumb break is FINALLY growing out now.

  5. Oh great I just bought the kit from Head2Toe. I didn't check it out.

  6. Don't worry about it Lucy, I just think I was unlucky. Everybody else except me has been happy with the kit.

  7. Just a quick update on HeadToToes excellent customer service. They will send me a new kit, free of charge! :-)