söndag 27 september 2009

The Manicure That Wasn't

So, it is Sunday again and time to prepare for another week at "the big mill where no polish is allowed". Nobody cares that I got my coveted "blog polishes" Scrangie, Mismas and Orbis Non Sufficit from RBL sitting right in front of me on my desk.

Alas, they will have to wait for safer times.

This week, I found a manicure that is so sheer it's almost not there at all. Except when the sun strikes and reveals a multitude of little holo glitters!

Actually, I really like it! It also does a good job of covering any yellow discoloring of past nail treatments, as it has a very light pink base color.

This is Orly Robo Romance, in natural daylight, shade and sun, three coats over a thin base (NailTek III). CG FF on top.

5 kommentarer:

  1. That is a great looking polish, very natural and wearable!

  2. Seems nice that it takes the yellow of a bit :)

  3. Gildedangel,
    Wow, You are a fast reader!
    Thank you for reading and commenting my blog, I appreciate that more than I can say.. :-)

    Yes, it is very wearable and since it is so sheer, I doubt anyone could complaint about it even in conservative environments.
    The argument against polish has always been that there could be a dirty nail under it. But this polish has so clear VNL:s it is easier to notice dirt under the nail with the polish than without it. And, as a general rule, in my opinion, people who cares about their nails enough to paint them are far less prone to have infected cuticles, hang nails or other imperfections which could catch bacteria..

    Yes, I really recommend it. It works equally well with one, two and three coats, the difference is how much glitter and coverage you want.

  4. Wow! I don't normally wear neutrals,but this is really pretty! I looks lovely on you as well :)

  5. This is a lovely polish. It's satisfying for the job and for you with the holo! I can't help you with this type of polish. Wish I knew more that you could wear.