söndag 13 september 2009

California Dreamin'

This weekend I really tried to catch up on all my favourite blogs. No easy task I tell you, the blog roll just keeps growing..

So instead of writing, I been reading, and I have really enjoyed myself, so much talent out there among you ladies.. :-)

I guess I needed the break after last week, which was filled with work.

So, getting ready for a new work week, this is Sinful Colors California. I'm usually not very comfortable with sheers, but this manicure won my heart. That 's why I'm spamming you with pictures of it tonight..
This is two layers on top of a base coat and a french manicure polish from Sally Hansen (I got it in a tiny bottle with no name on it as a sample). CG Fast Forward on top.

7 kommentarer:

  1. That looks so delicate and pretty! I like sheers sometimes.

  2. I have this polish; I love to layer it over light pinks!

  3. It's so chic and classy,it would be great for layering too!

  4. Yes, I think it would be great for layering, it's a lovely idea to start with a pink polish. I must try that soon :-)
    I wonder how it compares with OPI Princesses Rule! I have that one too in my stash but I have not had the time to try it out yet. So much polish, so little time, right? ;-D

    Mary: Yes, sometimes, sheers is just right..

  5. I don't like sheers too much. This is a pretty shade. Very ladies who lunch.

  6. Lucy:
    Actually, this polish surprised me big time. It looks like a hopeless sheer at 1-2 coats but if you keep on painting, it grows totally opacque.
    Since I had a litle issue with a broken nails I decided to treat them all as highr risk nails. Thee result wfter OPE nail Enby are gorgeous!

  7. Lucy:
    Hrmm, my last post is a result of a newly discovered neurological irregularity, namely sleep blogging! :-p

    Really, this is kind of a problem for me, and something anyone who follows my blog (or gets comments on their blog from me) might better to be aware of. I sleep walk frequently, and talk a lot in my sleep. Sometimes I'll answer the phone while sleeping too. Ever since I started following the blog community this problem has spilled over into the internet too. I have never started a thread or an answer in my sleep (yet) but sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of a post or reply, and then I can write down just about anything that occures in my current dream..

    Anyway, I don't think this hurts anyone so I'll just keep on as I do. If You think I lost my thread, it is probably because you're reading the creations of a "sleep blogger"
    Kind of cool too, as long as I don't write anything too embarrasing..

    What I was suppose to end with in the last post was simply that the polish is opaque after 4-5 coats. It is still a lovely polish! :-)