söndag 8 november 2009

I Love Yokohama!

And I do, I love these polishes, and I can not even start to understand why OPI decided to make this line an Asia exclusive. Obviously, they would have sold much more polish if every nail aficionado would have had the chance to buy her (or his) own bottle.

This mani is 2 coats + CG FF as top coat. The colour is hard to describe. It’s not pink, not neutral and really not coral eather. .
I would say it is a complex mix of all three, with a generous dose of gold coloured glass fleckes thrown in for good measure. This is one picture of daylight aided with flash, and one picture with halogen lights, no flash
Short advise, If you like a subtle but striking polish, buy this!!

On a side note, if you really want to know which top coat is best, follow this blog: http://theedgeofsanity.org/

I follow this blog all the time, for my pleasure, but now the girls running it are doing a remarkable experiment trying to find out what top coat is the best. Do like I do, read all about it here: http://theedgeofsanity.org/

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a gorgeous color, it seems very work-wearable!

  2. This is a pretty neutral polish. I like the glass flecks. Makes it much more interesting.

  3. It is extremely work safe, it looks like an almost invisible nude in "office light", like a pink/coral in daylight but by night, all the golden glass fleckes really come out to play..

    I'm very happy with it, just what I needed (as I wouldn't say that about just about any polish coming my way ;-D )