söndag 15 november 2009

The Winner Takes It All!

And I was a real winner a little while back, when Beauty Judy held a very generous contest. Just look at the goodies the mailman brought me a few days ago!
The polishes from No 6 is, from left to right:
Your Royal Highness, Plum Over Here, Raisin The Bar, Chunky Chocolate, Fall For Romance, Steel In Love and Rock Star.

As if that generous prize was not enough, she went out of her way to get a little extra something for my daughter Harriet, not less than two super cute BonBon polishes, and two lovely lip glosses. Harriet kindly agreed to share the prize with her little sister Sonja, so now, all females in the family are very happy! (although, mummy is planning to have a go with the cute polishes herself some day, ssh, don’t tell the kids ;-D )

The greatest thing with things like this, is that it forces you out of your box. I am so happy with my polishes because, even if I have quite a huge collection already, I honestly doesn’t have almost any colours looking like these. I tend to choose shimmers over crèmes, and light colours over dark. Five of these colours are dark, crème vampies, so exciting and new to me!

A very heartfelt Thank You Judy, from the PolishPig Girls! <3>

6 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats on winning, enjoy your prize! :)

  2. I surely am, NOTD coming soon.. :-)

  3. Congratulations on such a great prize! Judy is so sweet and generous!

  4. Aw! I'm glad you liked the prize and that Harriett will share! I didn't realize she had a sister I would have thrown in a couple more :) But I think it's wonderful that they share :) Enjoy in good health!!!

  5. We are all very happy!
    Thank's for the great gifts Judy! No hazzle with charing, Harriet is (almost) always benevolent..:-)
    Hugs from me and my daughters..

  6. How wonderful to win the giveaway! Enjoy your wonderful polishes.