fredag 27 november 2009

To Fall In Love With Your Pay Check

These last weeks I have been on a relentless no-buy. The family had to order a new computer, and I was the only one who possibly could cough up the dough. That is.. if I ceased wasting money on all the little feel good things, buried my nose in the ground and just thought about buying inexpensive and sensible food for the family.

I did that.
Oh, the agony as all the China glitter came available at TD, I couldn’t order a single one of them. And The Wizards collection, and the OPI Holidays, I can tell you this is not the best time of the year to go on a no-buy!

Anyway, things are looking a little brighter, I have received a new pay check and even if I didn’t do the math I quickly estimated that there was room for a small (well ;-) ) order to Cherry Couture as well as a few more Ciatés from my favourite English source, even before I pay this months bills. I do hope I’m not being overenthusiastic, but you all know ho it feels to be starving of new nail goodies as the seasonal collections are just raining from the sky,,

I have been away for education the last two days. I needed a fairly conventional polish, although it did not need to be invisible. So, many great choices!
I ended up with SpaRituals Fall In Love. A wonderful fall polish, conservative but striking. It is a dark wine red colour, a shimmer but yet a little muted. In the pictures, there is a flash of green in the bottle. I wouldn’t by any means call this a duo chrome, I don’t even think it will be fair to say it is iridescent. That subtle green flair does give a special dimension to the polish anyway. I adds a depth and interest to the side of the nails, and transforms a polish I would write of as a standard shimmer dark red, to something quite different, a polish with a subtle lure that will be calling to me from the Helmer and certainly make me wear again..

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  1. Thank you, it really is!
    This is the first SpaRitual I have tried, I have two more in my untrieds. Initially I saw them swatched at Nailphile and she liked them just because they seem to have an extra dimension to the colours. After this first one, I can only agree.