lördag 21 november 2009

Spaced Out!

When I first laid my eyes on this polish, I immediately thought of an image taken from the Hubble telescope. View it here and be prepared to surrender your heart to the greatness of our universe: Hubble Site - Picture Album: Omega Centauri

Needless to say, I had to try this polish out as soon as possible, so my chocolate treat went right off.
(Has anyone guessed I have a few days of vacation and therefore both time and possibility to change my manis more than once a week – and wear dark and vampy colours. Yay!)

This is one of Eyeko’s new polish, the name is Cosmic, which I think is very appropriate. It went on like a dream, almost full coverage in one coat, here is two rather thick coats and my usual CG FF as top coat. No bubbling or cuticle drag, very easy to work with. The pictures are in full sunlight and with flash aided inside daylight.

My only slight disappointment is that you really need full sunlight or a strong artificial light to pick out the beautiful multi coloured holo glitter in the polish. In shady daylight or under ordinary lamp light, it looks like an extremely shiny crème black. Now that is not a bad thing to have on your fingers, but I really would have liked the universe on my nails to be a little more apparent. When the light does catch the polish, it is pure magic. It really gives a 3D feeling, that you look deep into something dark and glittery.

But beware, in Deep Space – No one can hear you blog about polish!

4 kommentarer:

  1. That is a cool looking polish!

  2. It is much better IRL, impossible to photograph and do it justice. As it it is only about £2.00 including worldwide shipping I can only recommend it. If nothing else, it is a great polish for layering (as my next post will show..)

  3. Pretty. I wish that this type of polish would just have brighter shimmers. Who can go around with a light shinning on their nails?

  4. Lucy, You are so right!

    This is a perfect example of a polish that wows the nail nerd, because I (we) know exactly what to look out for, but leaves the main stream customer without a clue, because really, it is just black!!