fredag 20 november 2009

Late In November

This is my late fall manicure. It’s supposed to look like fall leaves, already on the brown dirt ground. It is also my first Konad-icure ever. I have seen so many talented manicures done with Konad, and I’ve tried to master the secret several times, but failed miserably.

Tonight, I can report victory, and it is spelled pure acetone! As soon as I cleaned my plate and stamper with that, the pattern transferred with great ease to my nails.
So easy, yet so frustrating, I have had my Konad set for about a year, not being able to use it.

So, this is my very first attempt at this, and of course it is a little of key, but I’m happy with the result anyway. I started with my delicious No 6 Chunky Chocolate, the Konad is CG Delight and Magical from the Romantique Collection.
Now I realize, many girls have been tempted to use this Konad plate, here is another that was prior to my attempt, although I did not find her until today:
So, not really unique, but actually I'm proud of it anyway!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gildedangel,
    Thank You! What happened to your blog, I can't find it anymore?

  2. Love your manicure. Reminds me of leaves on a ginko tree. Very pretty.

  3. Lucy,
    thank you! It looks like ginko leaves to me too.
    I found your blog again, all is well!